Inbound Call Center Services

Looking for an experienced and dependable company to outsource inbound call center services? New Media Services is a company that knows the ins and outs of effective and professional customer hotline management.

Expertly executed inbound call center solutions

Globally competitive customer assistance

On-demand and tailor-made services

Cost-effective and flexible resources

Effective and seamless call volume management

Elevated customer satisfaction and convenience


Multilingual Call Center Agents
  • Languages covered: English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai
  • Sourcing for other languages available upon request
  • Deliver world-class assistance to all clients
  • Dependable and skilled workforce

24/7 Availability
  • Address customer concerns beyond your office hours
  • Internationally based agents maximize your service’s availability
  • Enable 24/7 assistance to customers worldwide
  • Say goodbye to language barriers

Billing Statements
  • Boost customer trust with efficient handling of billing statements for all types of accounts
  • Handle customer concerns regarding payments and subscriptions
  • Process refund requests
  • Resolve cancellation of transactions and subscriptions

Account Verification
  • Uphold customer safety and confidentiality at all times
  • Resolve concerns involving verification of customer account information
  • Boost customer convenience and trust in your business
  • Enable smooth transactions for all payments and subscriptions

Learn more about our inbound call handling services and see what sets us apart from competitors in the industry.


Here’s how we execute our inbound call center outsourcing services to suit your business & customer needs.


We address your queries and clarifications about our services within 24 hours. Our team listens closely to every call center requirement and dilemma from all types of businesses.


Based on your specified objectives and business needs, we prepare a lineup of call center solutions that adhere to the nature of your work along with the expectations of your customers.


Get multilingual agents & flexible resources for inbound call services. We provide access and consistent updates to keep you posted on milestones and roadblocks we encounter along the way.


We augment our solutions based on customer feedback, along with any additional changes you might request to address your unique business demands.

What does it mean to outsource inbound call center services to us? Customers experience heightened security, accessibility, and convenience when raising concerns about your services.

Exceptional Inbound Call Center Solutions Only From NMS

Addressing all customer concerns while maintaining 24/7 availability is no easy feat to accomplish. You need a dependable partner who will maximize your operations and ensure you go beyond customer expectations at all times.