Inbound Call Center Services

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Timely Inbound Call Services

Here at NMS, we prioritize you and your customers
through the service we provide.

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Our inbound call center solutions provide support for your business. We have trained specialists who handle client’s concerns with professionalism and tactfulness.

Billing Statements

Our specialist team assists in verifying billing statements, particularly for subscriptions unauthorized by the customer. We also process refund requests and cancellation of transactions.

24/7 Availability

Our inbound call answering service accommodates your client’s from every timezone with our round-the-clock availability. Never miss an inquiry or concern and respond in real-time.


We handle verification requests related to customer accounts, payments, and subscriptions. We strictly follow protocols for maintaining customer safety and confidentiality at all times.

Work with a Competent Team of Inbound Call Specialists

New Media Services has been an inbound call center service provider for over 13 years. We specialize in giving what the customer wants and supporting your business to become a household name around the globe. Our primary function is to optimize your help desk with professional inbound call handling for superior customer satisfaction.

With years of commendable experience in inbound calls customer service, resolving the concerns of your customers is a walk in the park and a real joy to accomplish. Outsourcing to us allows you to focus on your core tasks and keep customers satisfied and loyal to you.

Choose NMS for your inbound call handling today and witness significant growth through advanced inbound call center solutions!

Seamless Convenience in the Palm of your Hand

When you outsource inbound call center services at NMS, we make sure to provide you with the finest services in the market. We believe in providing quality services for each industry. Our assistance comprises the following:
Professional Call Handling
We have trained inbound agents ready to handle your client’s concerns quickly and precisely for customer convenience.
Fast Conversion Rate
Within a few minutes upon the call, resolving their concern becomes the gateway into prospects becoming loyal customers.
Elevated Customer Satisfaction
With the speed of customer concern resolution improved via call, you give the client’s the satisfaction of a seamless service.
Free Resources
Outsourcing frees resources that are normally paid for in an in-house staff setup. Focus your funds into other essential functions of your business.
Manage Call Volume
You become well-equipped to manage an increasing surge of calls as your business or company grows in size. Goodbye, long call queues!
On-demand and Tailor-made Assistance
We don’t offer cookie cutter solutions. We adjust our services based on your unique business needs.

Get the NMS Advantage in 4 Easy Steps

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Our team carefully strategizes specific steps and align it with the solutions we offer and clarify them with you before starting with the test runs.

Upon formulating the plan, we will be conducting a series of test runs to check the compatibility of the services with your business setup.
Sit back and relax as we do the heavy lifting for your company! Potential leads will surely flock to you and inquirers will soon be converted into avid end-users.