January 7, 2016

Image, a Web Element to Watch Over

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If we compare social media to something we know so well, it is like a mall. You can find anything you want: food, clothing, furniture, banking, and other things that are either one’s necessities or luxuries; and it is a place filled with countless people of different personalities and backgrounds. Social media, instead of shops and stalls, is composed of websites. Websites are made out of various elements, which are text-based, aural, and visual. A massive number of audiences spend their time on searching the internet.

Visual elements include images and videos, which are taking a good part in bossing a site’s traffic. Since images are easier and faster to make with just one click than videos, many popular sites are known to make sure of images as part of their offering. Some of the examples are Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Visual posts on Facebook and Twitter get more engagement than those that are not.

However, the easy access of the internet users to a collection images has put them in use with the most inappropriate ways.

The most common example is posting an indecent or offensive picture on the social networking sites. Because social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are all for ages, anything can be seen by kids and adults, even the materials are not appropriate for them.

Images are inflicting anxiety and disgust. The cases are usually because it attacks a particular person, entity, religion, or race through hate speech and discrimination. Other disgusting images are those that show a gruesome scene from accidents, crime, or unhygienic situations.

Images are not original. The social media is deemed as dangerous because of the many unsolved cases of identity theft. One of the noticeable frauds using images is the scamming profiles o social networking sites. Experts say that when you upload something online, it will be there permanently. Such facts can be proven by the duplication of the materials with or without the owner’s permission that will result into copyright issues.

Of all types of media, the internet is the out of the subject of monitoring. There are still no solid processes to rule over the content appearing in the online sphere, although, various organizations are making an effort to solve these problems over privacy intrusion and the threat of national security. In the same effort, big brands such as Facebook and Google create their own content filter as to control these images and the rest of web elements, ensuring the peace and order in the online community.

It is understandable that some of the small businesses cannot organize their own team for moderation. However, it is important to employ moderation on web contents, especially with the visual elements because they are the most used inappropriately. That is why it is practical to avail of moderation services offered by third parties.

There is really a thousand of words with a single image, and these words can either uplift or destroy your reputation. It is better to have safety measures.

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