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Last updated on September 24, 2021

How to Set Customer Service Goals for Your Support Team

In a 2018 survey, 66% of consumers say that customer service is essential when choosing a brand, while 89% of customers switched companies because of bad customer service experiences. In other words, it is no longer a secret that customer service is vitally crucial to your business.

We all know that their role is to provide solutions to customer’s concerns quickly and effectively with their excellent customer assistance. By providing top-notch solutions, businesses ensure their target audience’s happiness and satisfaction. 

On the other hand, there is more to it than just providing excellent customer service.

You need to set specific goals and secure them with a concise and elaborate plan.

Having a broad understanding of how to deliver excellent customer service is a good step towards customer service goal setting. Whether you are just starting a business or have been in the industry for years, it is vital to set your specific objectives for your help desk goals. By setting key areas that you want to realize as you assist more end-users, you provide specific details about what your team should achieve and what they are working towards.

In this article, you will learn what are the customer service goals examples and how they can give you long-term vision and short-term motivation. At the same time, you will gain insights on how to set individual customer service goals for your support team and why it is important.

Why You Need Customer Service Goals

Upleveling customer experience is vital in small and mid-sized businesses. You need to provide excellent assistance not just for acquiring new people to support your brand, but also to encourage existing client base to purchase once again from your product. That is why it is very important to set an objective as it will give you and your customer support team a clear-cut picture of what you’re working towards.

Setting goals will help you focus

In life, having a purpose gives you direction. The same principle applies in helping potential leads and existing patrons. Setting a target in your help desk team enhances focus at work and promotes a sense of self-mastery. It enables them to know what exactly to do and how they will spend and regulate their time and energy.

Let’s say that your objective is to create an ice cream business. While you may not be an ice cream connoisseur, or an expert in frozen dairy products, the very act of defining what outcomes you want to attain and to whom the desired results are beneficial allows you to streamline your branding, product design, and buyer acquisition strategies. You will figure out that one of the most feasible ways to get the cogwheels of your ice cream business running is by researching different ice cream brands, and getting know which flavors people prefer the most. Find time to study how to make it. If you ever encounter roadblocks or challenges along the way, your objectives will serve as your road map to navigate through these hurdles.with so that you know you’re in the right direction.

Applying this in the context of customer service, since you now have a descriptive and straightforward business model, you are also more well-equipped to anticipate commonly raised queries and offer suitable answers as needed.

Setting goals will motivate your employees for improvement

Your team must know your objectives so that they have a target to aim for and the drive to deliver favorable results. It will motivate them to improve their performance and give them something to strive for, especially now that you have something quantifiable to measure. The more definite these metrics are, the more you are enhancing your checklist for customer service improvement goals. 

Setting goals will help you to assess your employees’ performance

Creating a set of deliverables for your staff to target enables them to realize the importance of their role and their fair share of responsibilities that they need to shoulder. It will also give you a criteria for performance reviews. For instance, if in an after sales care, you want to increase satisfaction rates from customers, then you will shift your focus on assessing whether the correct follow-up questions were raised based on the customer’s latest purchase. 

Overall, you’ll be able to compare your goals with actual performance. Doing so will lead to greater success and performance.

How to achieve customer service goal setting?

The SMART philosophy is widely used by businesses at present. The said method will be your guide in your client assistance goal setting. It provides a very simple framework that is very effective for your business to succeed. To help you visualize it better, here is a concrete definition of customer service SMART goals examples. 

S = Specific

M = Measurable

A = Attainable or achievable

R = Relevant

T = Timebound.


It is essential to be as coherent as possible when listing your targets. If you don’t specify your objectives, it’s likely to result in confusion, frustration, and probably failure. Consider what you want to accomplish, which resources are needed, and the goal’s value. The more you can define each with a clear and concise description, the more you’ll be able to measure clearly when you have met them. Consequently, you get to focus your efforts and truly be motivated to achieve them.


In order to know if you achieve your goal or not, it needs to be measurable. More profit isn’t a measurable customer service goal example. To increase profit by 30% is an excellent example of a feasible objective because it contains precise figures. That way, you can track your progress and stay motivated. It’s also necessary to assess progress toward goal attainment, so you can determine what else you can do to accomplish it.


There’s a saying: No one succeeds by playing it safe! Although it is a good idea to aim high, your goals should never be impossible to achieve. It should be realistic and achievable to be successful. Customer service representatives will be more motivated if they see that the goals they are aiming for are attainable. When you set an attainable goal, you may be able to identify resources that can bring you closer to it. You should think about how well you can implement your strategies it and how realistic it is.

Here’s an example to ponder on:

If you plan to build an ice cream business, you might need to ask yourself if you can really do it, based on your skill and qualifications. Are you at capacity to complete the required skills and resources in building an ice cream business from scratch? Are the needed resources available? Can you manage to do it?


When setting objectives, you have to make sure you see a clear connection between your objective and what you are currently planning. You have to ensure that your goals matter to you. Also, your customer service goals should be related to the overall business objectives. 

You might want to gain the skills to build an ice cream business, but is it the right time to build it? Are you sure that you’re fit to own an ice cream business? Have you considered your business partner’s goals? For example, would it be difficult to manage your time if you start running your business?


Lastly, your customer service goals should have a deadline. Goals need a target date to know whether you’ve succeeded or failed. Having a deadline will give you and your employees motivated to focus and something to work toward. This SMART goal criterion helps you to focus on your longer-term goals. By defining the desired timing for your goal provides clarity when planning the paths toward achieving your goals.


Gaining the skills to build an ice cream business may require experience, as we’ve said earlier. How long will it take you to acquire these skills? Do you need further training? It is crucial to offer yourself a sensible time frame for accomplishing the smaller goals needed to realize your final goals.

In the end, a company that uses the SMART method will more likely be successful. Some companies choose an outsourcer that can cater to their unique business needs. Contact center outsourcing services can help your company to achieve your customer service goal. 

The outsourcing solution you choose will depend on your business objectives. They have advanced analytics that measure your team’s progress and track real-time interaction data.

How to Set Customer Service Goals Step by Step

By now, you must know that the best examples of customer service goals and objectives are specific, timely, and measurable. Remember, customer service is vital to your business. It has a big impact and affects how your company is to the consumers. So, it becomes crucial to measure customer service KPIs and metrics. 

One of the customer service KPI goals is customer satisfaction. These metrics provide unbiased numbers for your customer assistance efforts to become a success. Without measurement, it is impossible to know the areas that you need to improve. 

How do you set customer service goals in your support team?

Coordinate customer service goals with your team.

Customer service goals usually focus on customer satisfaction and retention. However, that doesn’t mean your goals can’t align with the company’s mission. Coordinating goals with other teams means your company will still have one mission and vision.

In addition, it will be easier to measure your success if you can collaborate with other teams. Do you want to retain more customers? Then your support agents must have tactics to accomplish your goal. Also, the support team might help set a target of increasing social media followers, and they can do this by posting more promotions and deals on your Facebook or Twitter pages. By comparing goals, tactics, and results with your customer service representatives, you get to observe whether a rise in customer retention is the result of the rise in promotions on social media for existing customers.

Set clear tactics to achieve your goals.

Speaking of tactics, you want to have clear and consistent tactics that help your team achieve its goals. These are actionable steps taken towards reaching a final goal.

For example, if your goal of increasing customer retention by 5% remains, you might have to increase employee training in social media customer service. Setting concrete and expected results that’s doable for your team is useful in retaining more customers.

Challenge your team beyond their comfort zone.

Sure, your goals should be attainable. However, achievable doesn’t have to mean that it is easy. Increasing customer retention by 50% seems to be unattainable. Instead, it is more attainable if your target is increasing retention by 5%.

We don’t want to see our team doing monotonous work every day. You have to challenge them by implementing fresh action plans on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. It will improve their productivity and remind them that their individual roles matter.

Track individual and team progress.

Since you will be assigning different employees to figure on various strategies, it is only sensible to want to trace the progress of both individual team members and therefore the entire team. In this way, you’ll be able to pinpoint the root causes of any mishaps and the specific tactics that might have led to success.

Tracking individual progress also will help your employees feel heard. It’s easy to lose sight of specific people when an outsized team is functioning together towards a standard goal. Take the time to sit down with each person and discuss their progress, strengths, and weaknesses during the project. They’ll likely feel more comfortable opening up to you about the challenges they’re facing if they get the time to speak with you one-on-one.

Meet regularly to discuss problems and changes.

This is why it is crucial to regularly have meetings with your team to know their feedback. Ask them what’s working and what isn’t. Or, if it seems like your team is having a hard time, maybe it’s best to lower the target aim a bit. You might come to realize that there’s an objective that needs higher priority. Don’t forget to highlight the ideas of your team. 

For example, at first, a 5% increase in retention might make sense. In the long run, your customer retention fluctuates by 2%. Otherwise, as you monitor their performance, you realize that you have the potential to reach 7% in customer retention. As long as you take a good balance of challenge and success, you’re sure to achieve great results.


In every company, each customer service experience can greatly impact retention and loyalty. As such, it is vital to understand what your customers expect from your agent. A company that implements customer service goals is likely to create better results. By using customer service SMART goals to help your business plan to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound, it is not impossible to achieve your goals. 

By setting up objectives, your team doesn’t have to struggle with what to do to make your customer service experience great. Identify and measure what you want to attain as a team while allowing for transparency in measuring your team performance, and you will see a great result in growing and scaling your support team.

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