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Last updated on July 28, 2020

How Multi-language Websites Can Help Grow Your Business

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Multi-language websites provide great benefits to your business such as helping your business grow locally, regionally and even internationally. It also showcases your website content and if it’s good – boosts your SEO rating.
A multi-language site also targets potential customers whose first language is not English (the most common website language), this is to ensure that non-English speakers can understand the products and services your business offers in a language that is more direct and quite possibly, more effective.
Targeting your audiences through their native language will increase traffic to your website which increases the probability of gaining customers.
A website that is presented properly in other languages gives the image of a business that is customer-centric. That image helps readers or site visitors feel more confident and comfortable.
Though online tools provide language translation to help websites and visitors bridge the gap, these tools are far from perfect and are often far too basic. That limitation affects user-experience and cannot deliver the message effectively.
A professionally translated website is the best option and a good investment especially for businesses aiming to go global. In fact, some companies not only go for a multi-language website but also hire/outsource trained staff to bridge the gap between different languages across the globe.

  • Limitless Market Reach

  • Having a multi-language website opens the opportunity for your business to reach an international audience and a pool of potential customers. Communicating with them through their own language will undoubtedly bring in results such as an increase in brand awareness.
    A multilingual website is a cost-effective marketing tool, it is one of the most basic yet most important actions to obtain new users, build relationships with new business partners and expand your business brand.

  • Brings in New Customers

  • A website that is accessible to a wider audience effectively promotes your company and your service/product offers across the world and this will ultimately bring in new customers by capturing their attention and their interest.

  • Increase Sales

  • When you either add a language option to your website or create a language-specific site, there can be a potential increase in your sales. With some multi-language websites. There are definitely other ways to increase your business sales with just a little investment. But it’s best to start with multi-language content if you want to expand your target audience beyond just local coverage.

  • Provides a Customer Centered Approach

  • It’s important to let customers feel that they are valued; one way to demonstrate this is adding extra effort by giving the option of viewing your website in their native language. This shows that you are both open and capable of handling their business.

  • Gives your Business an Edge over Competitors

  • Through a multilingual website, non-English speakers can easily understand and learn more about the products and services you offer. You can also attract potential customers through language-specific keywords that make targeting more effective, this helps provide an edge over competitors that only focus on general keywords.

  • Build Customers’ Trust

  • Most cultures have an issue of trust when it comes to purchasing online, especially when they have difficulty understanding a language they are not proficient in.
    However, when you offer them services through their native language, in this way, the customer will feel secure in the sense that they know what they are buying based on how well it has been presented and they will remember from whom/where this was bought from. That affects brand recognition; and good brand recognition is a clear sign of trust.

  • Overcome Cultural Barriers

  • If your multi-language website is designed properly, it will have the capability to overcome cultural barriers by allowing people across the world to access your site in their own language. This will certainly place your new user within their comfort zone. Giving them the opportunity to navigate, understand and interact with your website easily.

Level up by expanding your business using multilingual websites to better offer your products and services to a bigger potential market. Get reliable content services and boost your SEO traffic.
Remember, it’s never too late for your company to do expand.

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