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Last updated on March 10, 2021

How Important is Google Ads Optimization in Your Business’s Success

In Google Ads, an optimization score refers to the quality and effectiveness of a Google Ads account.

Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, is considered to be a must-have in every business owner’s digital marketing survival kit. In a nutshell, it is an online platform primarily designed to help various businesses market their services and attract the right group of customers.  It has continued to be a staple component in online advertising that without it, it becomes increasingly difficult to thrive in the online marketing scene.

To get started with creating ads for their services, business owners must first specify their marketing objectives. Their objectives can range from enticing more customers to increase sales to boosting traffic and conversions to their website. They can likewise include whether they intend to reach a global audience or not. In addition to identifying their goals and target reach, business owners are also encouraged to spell out their monthly budget for their ads to keep them from exceeding their allotted funds.

Optimization score is one of the most recent additions in Google Ads

An optimization score serves as a reference for businesses to check how well their account is faring in terms of reaching their target and exceeding competitor performance. The score is helpful in determining which areas of the ad campaigns need to be adjusted to gain the desired results for the business.

The score ranges from 0-100, with 0 indicating a poor performing account and 100 signifying that the account is able to carry out the campaign’s objectives to its full capability. When it comes to using search engines to leverage a business’s visibility and reach, a well-optimized ad must be relevant to what the business offers. Everything must be carefully planned—from the time and frequency of the ad’s appearance to the accuracy of the keywords used to the actual terms and phrases that customers use when searching for a product or service that the business offers.

Altogether, it sounds all too complicated for business owners to handle. 

Optimization scores come with recommendations on how the score can be improved. Each recommendation comes with a preview of the recommended changes’ effect on the ad’s performance to aid business owners in assessing options for enhancing their scores.

Is a Google Ads Optimization Score of 100% possible? 

Attaining a Google Ads optimization score of 100 is possible. However, that should not be the main goal of businesses. Optimization scores present how well or how poorly campaigns, ad groups and even landing pages have contributed to boosting traffic, customer engagement and sales to the business’ website. If a business has specific objectives for each campaign, then getting a perfect score may not always equate to a successful ad.

Here’s an example: Business A sells different kinds of art materials, such as markers, paintbrushes, easels and coloring materials. Each type of art material has its own campaign, and under each campaign are ad groups specific to the variations of art materials being sold by the business. Campaigns are classifications that separate a particular type of service or product from another. Ad groups contain keywords, phrases and terms and even bids that will help market each campaign to target customers.

Business A sets up campaigns for paintbrushes, coloring materials, and markers. It is to be expected that each campaign or product is targeted to different customers. As such, using the same marketing channels, pricing and bids for all campaigns is not ideal. That is to say, a perfect score for all campaigns may not exactly mean that all of the business’ targets and key selling points are addressed.

If a business earns a low optimization score, it also indicates that there is much that needs to be improved in an ad or campaign. That is not an entirely bad thing at all. With Google’s recommendations for how optimization scores can be enhanced, business owners are presented with customized options that they can test out to see which suits their goals and their services best.

Businesses should aim for an optimization score that reflects their ideal results

A Google Ads account can be optimized through the following:

  1. Experimenting between broad keyword phrases and exact search terms used by customers
  2. Setting up landing pages specific to a group of ads or to a campaign 
  3. Analyzing ad copies and adjusting each accordingly in order to generate more clicks
  4. Fine-tuning bids for each ad group to boost click-through-rates and ad rank

Ads optimization scores with flying colors are definitely rewarded with better ranking on search engines. However, that should not be the only main basis for determining the success or failure of an account and its campaigns. At the end of the day, most SEO experts would argue that Google does not know the business the way its owner does. While there is nothing wrong with applying Google’s recommendations, deciding on which course fits the brand’s marketing objectives best should still be the business owner’s verdict.

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