October 25, 2011

Guidelines in Creating Your Password

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Imagine yourself as a detective when you are creating a password for your ATM account. Assume that the password is a set of characters that will protect all your secrets that you will carry to the grave.

However because you find it hard to create different password for every ATM account you have, you resort to making easy-to-memorize passwords. Here are ten of the most used passwords that you should not use when facing this problem. These commonly used passwords would let eager hackers open your account if given the chance to do so.

On the tenth spot is “thomas”. Maybe, this is after Thomas Jefferson or Thomas Edison or Thomas of Aquinas who have inspired many lives. The number nine most popular password is sporty word “arsenal”. At number eight is “monkey”. Reality has it that funny things are easier to memorize; thus many have resorted to creating passwords like this.

Moving on with number seven is “charlie”. Another famous name, it may be associated with Sheen, Chaplin or other remarkable celebrities whose first name is Charlie. The number five is “qwerty”. Obviously, the password is very easy to type. It is arranged on the keyboard already. “123456”, at the number five is also arranged on the keyboard with six characters.

At number four is “letmein”, a modern-day version of Open Sesame. The number three is “liverpool” which refers to a popular sport icon. At number two is “password”. Comical yet a very remarkable password! The top most popular is “123”. In just 3 characters, the password is set!

Nowadays, the idea of creating easy-to-memorize passwords is not a too-good alibi already. Hackers are as good as psychologists who study how the human brain thinks when creating passwords. Normally, hackers know what is seemingly to be your password. When they succeed with their guesses, your future is at risk!

Thus, It is safe to create a password that really serves its purpose: for privacy of files and profiles. Passwords should be too strange and that no one expects it as a password. Some accounts give standards when creating passwords to ensure that their users are well-protected. Some require a minimum number of characters; others assess the strength of a proposed password to give a glimpse to how protected the account is with the password.

What is a strong password? A strong password uses different character classes. It mixes letters, numbers and signs you can find on the keyboard. What is a weak password? Listed are the top ten above. Hackers also know these combinations: name plus birth date or name plus address or initials plus age. Real words as passwords are also weak. Thus, it pays to visit your dictionary!

Experts recommend this strategy of creating password: get all the first letters of the words of favorite song. Example, your favorite song is “When You Say You Love Me” then you can have this password: WYSYLM.

News on security breaches, fraud and phishing sites explain that creating passwords is a serious part of creating an account.




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