October 7, 2015

For Better SEO

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What are the steps you follow to in order to improve your Search Engine Optimization, resulting in  better status of the page traffic?

You will never run out of ways. Ask people who have the knowledge or authority in the industry and you will surely get a lesson useful for your pursuit. Search on Google and you will find a host of articles, podcasts, and videos to help you build a concrete strategy. You can also study the condition of your website and compare it with your competitors to pinpoint what are the factors that have good, bad, or no effect towards your goals.

Previously, SEO was seen as the fastest way to reach the top of page ranking. Just by stuffing keywords or creating many links with a brand website or third parties, you would establish an authority and a name in the internet world. That was because there were no strict rules to filter the actions of marketers and bloggers; they abused it by using tricky tactics that annoy the internet users and insults the power of search engines.

The algorithm updates of Google, especially those which are named with adorable animals, set things in order. Along with the mobile-friendly filter, they give the best experience for the consumers not only to computers but also to mobiles, which are carried everywhere at all circumstances.

Since every website provides the best of content to punishments and penalties, SEO improvement is a necessary weapon for online battles. Better yet, look for the current and relevant trends in the SEO industry and use them. To make things easier here is the 3 of the latest tactics, which will make it big in the future.

In no particular order, the first trend is Mention. This is not about taking advantage of the Twitter community (although this said social site can also be beneficial to gain traffic), but it is all about an entity being mentioned in various articles. For example, the well-known site for business-minded people is Forbes. Different blogs about corporate nature will mention Forbes on a similar topic like the attribution, and this will give the search engine to put Forbes as an authority. However, every mention is not hyperlinked, or not a clickable anchor text that would redirect it to its website. This phenomenon is called C0-citation.

Another trend is the Keywords. No, this is not about the stuffing keywords agian. Actually, social marketers pointed out that the keywords are not important anymore to put attention to. It is not effective to use same keywords just to appear in the search results. You have to use other related words that you think people will type in the search bar to be found at more ease. Also, like the Mention, when the same and other relevant keywords are found in different blogs, they will appear in the search results together. This process is called Co-occurrence.

The third trend is Humanizing. This means that you stop from talking like you are a company that only aims to do a business. You start to shed light on the important of customers and of giving them their satisfaction because their loyalty is all that matters. It should be added that the tone used in blogs are more casual now, which means it doesn’t strictly follows formal writing, and speak to consumers like they are acquaintances – like this article. This makes the audience feel connected to your content.

It is an overstated fact that anything in this world will go through changes, so you better cope with the flow. There are so many trends and techniques that would come out i the future and they are worth a try. However, you should do it one by one, as doing it all once end up being a mess. It is also important that you have to do some experimentation to discover new ways that could change and improve SEO.

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