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Last updated on July 30, 2020

NMS Expanding its Multilingual Call Centre Capabilities


NMS EXPANDS ITS MULTILINGUAL SERVICES – In New Media Services’ pursuit to provide the most effective solutions and support globally, New Media Services (NMS), a leader in communications and virtual manpower outsourcing, extends its multilingual call center capabilities by adding 8 new languages namely; Thai, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German. These additions will help us to better serve our clients across the globe.
Sheena Mae Fianza, Department Head of Online Support Department, said that apart from the English language support initially provided to clients, they had also provided Arabic and Malaysian language to previous clients.
“Reaching clients and customers through their own language is the most effective way to expand our services and support globally, NMS is dedicated to the goal of eliminating language barriers and exceed its excellence by offering multiple language coverage to its services. This enables us to create new connections and expanding our business capabilities in various countries. We are working on adding more languages and services per country before the end of the second quarter.”
Francis Aurellado, one of the Account Managers, is pleased to say that the said languages will be launched in the month of March 2018. Added to that, our Contact Center Department has two new clients for our Asian support and our contact center system has also adopted CYN solutions to cater more clients worldwide.
“As the Account Manager in charge of this project, there’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing the company expand its services to cater to more clients worldwide.”
All the technical transitions are being managed by our Network Administrator, Daniel Sangway Jr. According to him, all the necessary changes in our Contact Center has been easily administered and is working above initial expectations.
“The system is being closely monitored so we can provide the best services to our clients and be excellent on what our company can offer.”
Martin Eyking, CEO and Founder of New Media Services, is thrilled and honored to see our multilingual contact center capabilities expand, which only means that our company continuously grows in the best way it can, especially with regard to reaching a wider global audience.
“There is nothing impossible when we reach our company’s goal together, in NMS, we continuously do our best to offer new services to cater to the needs and demands of our existing and potential clients. Our team is actively reaching-out globally to nurture the business edge and operations advantages of our clients.”

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