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Last updated on July 30, 2020

How to Generate Higher Customer Satisfaction with Email Support

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Email is still considered a primary form of customer service communication which helps businesses to contact customers personally and on a regular basis. Email can be used to troubleshoot customer concerns, provide feedback, and also allows customers to ask questions at a time that suits them best. Email is an essential business tool if managed correctly.
This simple yet effective way of communication can be improved to achieve higher customer satisfaction. This article will show easy ways to improve your email support service.
#1: Apply Proper Email Etiquette   This could be considered common sense but is hugely important when it comes to composing emails to customers. It is important to ensure grammar and spelling are correct, slang is not used, and the tone in which the email is written is casual yet professional. Highlight customer questions and responses to add clarity.
Long emails may also be a drawback. In this day and age, customer attention spans are short. By drafting short and concise emails you ensure your customer’s attention doesn’t drop. Subject lines are equally as important. Another tip is to keep the most important information in the opening paragraph.
Most customers read emails on their mobile phones, therefore long emails can be off-putting. Studies have also shown that ending e-mails on a positive note leaves a long-lasting positive impression.
#2:  Create Personalize Email
Personalization plays an important role especially for marketing, sales, and customer support service. Personalized email content makes a customer feel important. It creates a connection between you and your customers. Start personalizing your emails by including their name at the opening line of your email. You will soon see an increase in open rate.
#3:  Practice Immediate Response
Don’t keep customers waiting too long; you need to address their concerns and queries as promptly as possible. Make customers aware of your business hours. No matter whether you have set business hours or your customer support service is available 24/7, you can implement an automated response informing consumers you have received their email. As you can see, there’s no excuse for leaving customers waiting. How quickly you respond to customers matters.
#4:  Send Follow-up Emails
After addressing customer concerns and queries it is essential for your email support agent to send a follow-up email to know if they were satisfied with the results.  This also applies when an agent is still trying to resolve the problem, proactively send updates letting them know the status of their ticket. Never let the customer feel as though following up is their responsibility. No response or gaining a bit of information tends to frustrate customers.
#5: Disseminate Surveys
As a part of your customer support services, you can take advantage of asking customers to fill out a survey about their experience. Surveys will accurately assess if your business provides good customer service and identify areas that need improving.  Surveys should be short. Ask 3-5 open-ended questions or let customers rate your service through multiple choice questions.
Consider these five tips to help you generate higher customer satisfaction and organize the way you communicate with customers. With consistency, timeliness and thoroughness e-mail can become your preferred channel for customer engagement.

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