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Last updated on July 31, 2020

5 Highly Effective Marketing Strategies for Businesses

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Marketing has a big role in making businesses successful. In some cases, even a mediocre product can be highly successful with a great marketing strategy. However, marketing is a trial and error process as it takes cost, time and planning to implement a new and successful marketing strategy.
Coming up with a clear plan is the key to make everything you do effectively. Doing so, creates awareness of your product, developing interest, increase of sales and enhancing customer engagement.
Here are some proven marketing strategies that may help you in areas that need improvements, especially for small to mid-sized business. Some strategies will probably be helpful for the growth of your company, carefully assess each strategy and identify which one is applicable.

  1. Make use of Facebook Ads

    Advertising on Facebook is considered to be an inexpensive and impressive way to virtually market to potential customers. In fact, two million small to mid-sized businesses advertise through Facebook.
    This simple and easy to use social media account has an advanced targeting option which allows you to target specific audiences according to location, interests, age, sex, behavior, and other aspects. Facebook ads are also easy to create, you just have to create a catchy headline and a descriptive image and a link.
    Facebook Ads manager also makes it simple to run several ad sets, ensuring you to achieve the right formula and reach your goal without needing to gain any technical expertise.
    At first, there might be some failures but with persistence and Facebook’s advancements such as being one of the most popular social media channels and with its billion users across the globe you will surely succeed. If you think that Facebook is the right channel for your business you can consult a legit SEO marketing services to know if this step would be suitable.

  1. Register to Free Google Listing

    When people are aware of your business, they will more likely search for your business through Google. The most powerful thing you can do to make this possible is to register your business to Google My Business (GMB) listing.
    Trying to rank your GMB, at least aiming it on the top three ranks, on which you can gain highly qualified leads anytime of the day without a dime being spent. Ranking your GMD will not give you a hard time for it simply requires optimizing your profile and collecting reviews and citations.
    With Google my business, it brings together your different platforms into one place, which consists of Google+, Google maps, Google reviews, Google Analytics, Google Insights and more. In line with this, GMD gives your business credibility and familiarity especially when you run a local business.

  1. Take Advantage of Email Marketing

    Email still remains the highest modifying communication channel when it comes to interacting with leads and it is in fact the foundation of digital marketing. When a potential customer is visiting your site the chances are they will not immediately buy from you, they would more likely want to connect with your business through email first.
    In that way, your business can capture contact information which is an additional marketing strategy to sell and promote your products and services. You can include some great options such as a free trial, free webinar videos, vouchers, membership deals, etc. This gives you the opportunity to be credible and to provide beneficial contents to your email list.

  1. Create Great Contents

    Content marketing is focused on long-term results, it is by means of creating and disseminating relevant, useful and reliable content to make the audiences be aware of the service and encourage them to take an action.
    Content marketing services has the greatest commercial impact to businesses. Creating great content requires a good quality of content, relevancy, SEO optimization, optimized for readers, consistent content concept and endorsement.
    Content covers a wide variety of data creation, it includes blog post or articles, videos, podcasts, online courses and other forms of information channels.

  1. Use Organic Social Media

    Making use of social media for your business is non-negotiable because making an account is usually for free. However, the main concern is the time and resources you should invest in growing your social media audiences.
    Studies show that 67% of consumers prefer using social media to inquire about the products and services of the business providers instead of making a call. In some instances, if they can’t find your business on social media they would look for your business competitors who have social media channels.
    To increase your organic social media, it is essential to know how your audiences like to be approached.

These five marketing strategies are probably worth considering for your small or mid-sized business. Whether you are consulting some SEO marketing services or starting your content marketing services, it is imperative to carefully evaluate the strategies that best suit your business needs.

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