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Last updated on July 30, 2020

Easy-to-Integrate Moderation Service to Protect Your Website


New Media Services, a leader in web and mobile services, continues to protect websites from illegal activities through its online moderation offer WWW Moderation.
Since 2008, WWW Moderation employs real people called “live moderators” skilled in monitoring undesired website threats like spam, flames, trolling, false or unpermitted advertising, outside linking, illegal program and scripts, piracy and censor bypassing.
The service is very user-friendly, designed by IT specialists experienced in creating moderation systems for business and government use. Moreover, the service allows clients to concentrate on their core business since NMS provides live moderators who accomplish all moderation tasks.
Two reasons make WWW Moderation special. First, the service has the capability to scale on multiple mediums. Second, it can compensate varying volumes of traffic.
Martin Eyking, CEO of NMS, stated:
“This is revolutionary. Our humble service, hand in hand with real people, safeguards websites 24/7 just to bring the positive impression to websites. Well, everyone deserves a prestigious name and our service is very capable of serving that interest. I am glad our clients are also satisfied, because they get what they want.”
Meanwhile, NMS still offers a moderation tool called PostMaster. PostMaster is a software device that aids business firms in moderating their own website.
However, NMS encourages websites to avail of WWW Moderation to enjoy the whole package of excellent moderation system and the service of first-rate live moderators.
For more information about WWW Moderation and PostMaster, email NMS at [email protected] or visit www.newmediaservices.com.au.
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