Last updated on April 15, 2019

Deaf son of Aussie CEO gives back to the local Deaf community

MaMaximillian EykingMaMaximillian Eyking, son of New Media Services Pty. Ltd. CEO and NMS Cares founder Martin Eyking, kicks off his 5-day stay in the City of Pines teaching sign language to parents of Deaf learners at SPED Center Baguio.

MaMaximillian Eyking teaching sign language

Max opened the Monday Parent Sign Language Class by teaching basic American Sign Language signs for two sessions. He also took the chance to get to know the parents, as he’ll be spending more time with their kids during his short visit. This is all still part of the organization’s FOND Program (Family Oneness Nurturing the Deaf) that aims to encourage parents to have active involvement in the education and development of their Deaf child.

Moreover, as part of the organization’s objective to create specialized recreation programs specially tailored for the Deaf community, Max has lined up a couple of sports activities, including Australian football, cricket and basketball with the Hearing Impaired Sequence kids of SPED Center Baguio.

MaMaximillian Eyking talking to his students through sign language

Max’s short visit this month is crucial in laying out the ground stone for the future launch of NMSC’s DREAM Program(Deaf Recreational Engagement Activity Movement).

MaMaximillian Eyking discussing thourgh sign language

Before he leaves, Max is set to meet with other Deaf learners from the different Deaf schools around the city as part of fully acclimating himself into the local Deaf community. This is in preparation for his 6-month stay in the country starting in November, where he will work full time with NMS Cares to develop both teaching and recreation programs geared for Deaf learners.

Max heads International Relations for NMS Cares. He is currently based in Melbourne. He splits his time between school and sports, him being a member of the Melbourne Deaf Basketball Club.


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