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Last updated on December 21, 2020

Customer Support Services: The Value of Human Touch

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Contact Center Services have various available channels that can help reach out to your customers and improve their experience with your brand. This could be automated for faster response and less costs. However, there is one factor that you can add on for you to further improve on customer satisfaction: creating a human touch.
Having live customer support service agents responding to your customers creates more empathy and understanding which makes your customers feel cared for and important. Something that automated responses cannot provide despite how well it is written. What makes it so is a person’s tone.

Tone in Communication

Whether it is a voice or non-voice customer support channel, there is a certain tone that people carry as they converse. Customers, especially those who have concerns regarding your product, want to speak with someone who acknowledges their issue and responds properly. They do not want to hear canned responses and feel like they are being brushed off and not attended to.
According to Albert Mehrabian, communication is made of three parts, the words you use (7%), your tone of delivery (38%), and the body language accompanying your words (55%). With automated responses you are only able to deliver 7% and are not catering to a personal response based on the customers’ situation. This will turn them off and make them conclude that no action will be done. On the other hand, when you are able to respond with a tone specifically targeted on their message, you show empathy and give your client hope that their issue will be resolved.
There is no one right tone to use all the time. What may work on one customer may not be as effective with another. It is best to gauge the situation and start from there. Here are some tones that customer support service agents can use in different situations:

  1. Casual

    Based on the research conducted by Software Advice, more customers prefer informal or casual banter with customer support. Using a more natural voice and choice of words instead of carefully curated sentence structures makes you feel more approachable and real.

  2. Formal

    Although it has been statistically proven that more customers prefer casual speech when speaking to customer support services, it is the complete opposite when the request is being rejected. A casual tone might make it sound disrespectful and condescending. Formally addressing customers is best used when giving a negative response to stay firm but continue to show respect and empathy.

  3. Positive

    Using words that promote positivity can improve the customer’s experience with your brand and your customer support services. Instead of saying, ‘yeah, okay’ you can say, ‘that’s good to hear’. It is more encouraging and leaves a nice feeling.

  4. Negative

    Sometimes you will need to deliver bad news. When doing that, limiting your negative words can make a huge difference. For example, removing ‘but’ from your sentence and using something that could offer solution; “I understand but that is no longer available” can be changed to “I understand, however we have a different offer available that has more features”.

  5. Context-Specific

    One pro of adding human touch to your customer support services is the ability of your agent to fit their tone to the context that cannot exactly be read by machines. What may seem completely normal to one customer might sound condescending to someone else. Adjusting your approach depending on how they speak to you will make it more comfortable for your customer and avoid misunderstandings.

Keep the human touch in your customer support services and make your customers feel cared for and important for them to keep coming back to you.
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