January 12, 2016

Content 2016: Dynamic and Customer-driven

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The popular phrase ‘Content is King’ has passed out and lost its impact to be talked about on the social media. Take its crown and hand it down to search engines. Well, it is well-proven that search engines have the authority to dictate the content. This year, it should be taken as an important note.

Take a look at Google, which considered as the supreme of all search engines. Its algorithms or search filters have brought chaos in the competition of web pages as well as improved the surfing experience of the internet users. To a broader perspective, Google has changed SEO and will likely be that way in the future.

Thus, every piece of content has to cope with every update the search engines roll out. As of now, there are several algorithms watching under your noses and don’t stop from being upgraded. Those websites and blogs that neglect the demands of search engines receive punishments and that cost your page ranking on the search results or even the popularity of your brand.

Whatever had been the flow of your graph in terms of the number of page views, leave them all behind. The brand new year is the time to be more cautious. So remember that content should be flexible as search engines are dynamic.

It is important that you should create an audience persona which will sum up your target market. In this way, they will serve as bases of core procedure and actionable ideas to compellingly reach out to them through the content being shared. Since the competition is tight in content marketing and SEO, your content should always initiate a trend or open a door or innovation. This makes every piece of content worth waiting for.

Still, the rule of SEO is not solely about creating good content but also its distribution. That is why the content should be shared in the best types of media. This age of millennials, nothing surpasses social media. The social media has become the central source of information, entertainment, and sense of belongingness. Putting the content in the social media can be accessed by more people and it gives a high number of readerships.

Be reminded that social media is preferably accessed through mobile gadgets and various studies or graphs show that mobiles have the highest degree of consumption of the internet users. Thus, exposing a good content in the best form and best channel which are favorable to audience guarantees a favorable traffic.

In other words, the creation and distribution of the content should take heed of the user’s experience. For example, the format of the content must not give the users the slightest of confusing.

Paying attention to the consumer’s needs and transforming the content to answer those needs will process into a good traffic and to an extent, conversion. Thus, the content continues to be a nutritious help for the audience to consume, and not a self-boosting material to sell. It should always be clear, honest, substantial, relevant and timely.

Social media is a profitable channel to embrace. However, it is also good to have the extra method to disseminate the content for the sake of getting a wider range of audience. When the internet is the number one source of everything, there are good benefits you get form offline SEO. At times, they work best at a particular situation.

Search engines will continue to shape the SEO and the content should go alone with it.


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