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Web Design and App Development Case Studies

Social Networking Service

A website should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The user experience reflects the careful thought and effective planning a business dedicates into putting their users first.

We offer unique and creative designs that reflect your business/brand. Including banner design, logo design and full website designs.

New Media Services effectively provides visually fluid, unique and user-oriented designs through our Web Design and App Development services.

Check the case study to see the practical application of our Web Design Services:
(please note that due to official the Non-disclosure agreement, the client name has been changed or omitted)

Social Networking Service
A company that aims to create social connections through an online community that shares common interests.

The client wanted to improve the website interface for improved navigation and better user-experience. The goal is to attract new users, retain current ones and represent the brand more effectively


The company used NMS Web Design Services to create better visuals for the website using the ideas and specifications initially set by the client.

a hand pointing on a laptop


A design was selected from multiple samples created by NMS Designers; all within the agreed timeframe. A few minor revisions were done based on client requests and resulted in a final design that the client was happy with.

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