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Multi-lingual Customer Support Services Case Study

HDTV Programming Provider Media and Telecommunications Company Mobile Games Development Company Flowers and Floral Supply Company

Our customer support services range from basic to comprehensive customer care. Our outsourcing solutions address the demands of your business’ customer relationship management to promote a high satisfaction rate.

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Good customer service is important for any business or brand; maximizing available technologies to deliver above average customer relations. Making operations run smoothly and more importantly, giving customers effective and efficient support.
New Media Services’ goal is to provide easy to set-up, scalable and seamless contact center services.

Here are a few cast studies that offer an insight to the effectiveness of our services:
(please note that due to official Non-disclosure agreements, client names may be changed or omitted)

HDTV Programming Provider
BACKGROUND:A satellite television provider offering interactive television services and audio programming. Catering to commercial and residential customers in the U.S.

The client needed a provider to handle sales inquiries and refund requests


The company acquired NMS’ Customer Support Services for sales processing and refund management.

HD TV Remote Controll


Through NMS, sales increased from 33.8% to 67.9% in a span of one month.
Efficiency soared from 57.3% to 89.7%
Fraud cases were reduced from 9.54% to 0%.
Refunds decreased to only 7%.

Media and Telecommunications Company

Due to the large number of subscribers, the client required assistance in handling the seasonal influx of billing and account inquiries.


The company acquired manpower services and linked their backend system to NMS’ “Live Operator Online Platform” (LOOP). This effectively allowed NMS to handle inquiries via email, chat, text messaging and voice.

BACKGROUND:An Australian-based telecommunications and media company known for building/operating telecom networks as well as marketing mobile, internet, pay-TV and other entertainment services.

Telecommunication Signal Device


Abandoned calls during the holidays decreased from 33% to 1.76%
100% engagement rate for all chat and email inquiries

Mobile Games Development Company

BACKGROUND:An Australian-based video game developer catering to world-class studios


Being understaffed, the client had a major backlog in the handling of website-based billing inquiries for in-app purchases; causing delays in chat-engagement for up to 4 hours per customer.


The company used NMS’ customer support services by linking their backend chat system to the “Live Operator Online Platform” (LOOP) thereby, redirecting the bulk of customer related inquiries and billing issues to available NMS chat support operators.

Woman playing a mobile game


Handling and engagement time decreased to within 10-12 minutes from the unacceptable 2-4 hours per customer.
87.36% of customers were satisfied with the speed of engagement as well as the resolution provided for raised issues.

Flowers and Floral Supply Company

BACKGROUND:A premiere provider of personalized and/or wholesale flower/plant arrangements plus supplies.


The client needed a text messaging system and manpower to handle the influx of orders and requests for deliveries during peak season.


Using NMS’ “Live Operator Online Platform” for SMS (LOOP-SMS), each order and delivery request was handled effectively. these orders and requests were then forwarded to the client.

two bouquet of flowers


100% of inquiries and requests were answered. However, due to the sheer volume of orders and delivery requests, many customers were dissatisfied.
At the approval of the client, NMS Support Representatives issued refunds, discounts and complimentary gifts.

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