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Last updated on December 18, 2020

5 Ways Social Media Can Help Businesses Survive Holidays

business social media on holidays

The holidays can be a very busy time for everyone across the globe, especially for business establishments. That being said, with so many brands thronging for customers with one common preference, standing out from this cutthroat competition can be very daunting.

However, there can be a viable way to penetrate customer interest and engagement. Businesses will be able to meet their prospective clients where they already are engaged —  their mobile phones.

In the current generation where social media has drastically changed the very nature of how businesses are being run, marketers plan their campaigns to attract their target audience. By incorporating a few tricks and tweaks into the business’ PR plans, this will boost their business sales even during the most hectic holiday season.

That being said, here are five of the most fool-proof ways that can actually enable businesses to nail their holiday campaigns using social media:

1. Run A Holiday Sweepstakes Contest On Social Media

holiday sweepstakes

With a society obsessed with social media, hosting a sweepstakes contest on social media can be a great way to effectively engage with the target audience and boost the brand’s exposure. Holding one may require prizes.

However, businesses can always partner up with sponsors to add more spice as this can help in elevating the reach for an even broader audience. This can be rewarding not only to the customers but also to both the sponsors and the business running the sweepstakes contests as this gives a lot of exposure.

By taking advantage of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses can easily create virtual buyer personas that enable businesses to determine how to target their audience. Also, a contest with a variety of prizes can be a great way to get existing and potential customers hooked on the contest or raffle.

The mechanics for this contest is rather simple. Once a customer purchases an item from the shop, ask them to take a selfie with the products they bought, then upload it to the business’ social media pages. Using pre-planned hashtags, (in this case, holiday-themed hashtags are most suitable), the contest can gain higher traffic the more customers follow the game’s mechanics and post the provided hashtag on their social media accounts. 

If used consistently, hashtags can be a great way to help the brand to be the talk of the town and get noticed by others who would otherwise haven’t heard it.

2. Hashtag, Hashtag, Hashtag

business social media hashtag

As mentioned, hashtags can be a powerful tool to drive extra exposure. As such, maximizing the use of it in online marketing strategies is a must. By encouraging customers to use the hashtags that the business has pre-planned, it can add another layer of awareness to both the brand and the holiday sales.

Using hashtags for the products that the business promotes can help customers find the product on Instagram and Twitter, for example. This doesn’t require businesses to provide too personal hashtags. For instance, hashtags such as #blackfriday or #cybermonday have already been staple hashtags and search terms used by customers during Thanksgiving sales.

Businesses should maximize the use of hashtags as it is very useful especially for people who are scouring the internet to buy gifts for the upcoming holidays.

3. Create And Promote Exclusive Offers

business social media promotion

This can be applied to both physical stores and virtual stores. Either way, businesses can use the influence of social media to promote what the brand offers exclusively for the business’ social media followers.

Doing so can be a great way to maintain the business’ momentum especially during the hectic holiday shopping season. Exclusive offers help drive sales and benefit followers, thanks to the numerous rewards commonly coupled with it. Businesses can also add a message of urgency at the end of each offer to encourage customers to make purchases as soon as possible.

4. Post Stylized Gift Guides And List

business social media gift guides

Holidays can be the busiest time of the year. Due to this, focusing on several things can be especially difficult, and that includes looking for the best gift to give for the upcoming holidays.

Using social media can help businesses aid their target audience and followers in finding the right gift by providing a curated selection of gifts for audiences with different preferences. Businesses can share helpful information like this from one social media platform to another.

Here’s a great example:

Businesses can create a blog that centers on the “ultimate guide” for the most popular items for men, kids, and women by sharing and promoting it on all available social media platforms at different times within the week prior to the upcoming shopping fever.

This guide can be a viable tool to inspire customers to check out the guides and drive higher traffic to the business’ page. Even better, businesses can include their products in the list as a subtle way of marketing their products.

5. Provide A Festive Behind-the-scenes (Bts) Engagement

business social media live stream

People tend to click on a particular post or share content that they either composed or saw online simply because of one thing—it makes them feel good inside! Joining the festivities is the perfect time to spread fun and joy with a brand’s followers.

One of the most successful marketing strategies of today involves creating a fun and interactive experience for the business’ audience through the use of social media live-streaming. Use live-streaming to show customers a sneak-peek of the behind-the-scenes that goes into building the business and creating the products and services being offered.

Let the people know all the things that happen within the four corners of the business. It can include product creation or processes involved in arranging an upcoming special event. Doing so can amplify the rate of engagement and exceed the usual amount of attention customers give to a business’ social media presence. When used effectively, this can result in higher sales and customer acquisition.

At any rate, people can determine whether there is sincerity in a business’ promotions and ads or not. Use the holiday spirit right: Incorporate it in the business’ branding strategies as a way to create a personal connection with the customers through social media.

There can be a lot more ways on how social media can help businesses. The key objectives of each business for employing social media marketing should be to provide an immersive and better customer experience while sufficing customers’ needs all at the same time.

By doing so, the chances are customers will remain loyal to the brand and influence others to support the business as well.

What other social media marketing strategies have you been employing for your holiday marketing strategies? In need of assistance with your social media branding? Contact Us today so we can get started with building your very own social media branding strategy!

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