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Have you been looking for ways to drastically improve your brand awareness for your small or medium-sized business?

SMS marketing services have become increasingly popular for various industries around the world but unfortunately, this type of service isn’t easy to come across. With a large number of marketing companies not offering SMS marketing campaigns, we’ve been the go-to for many businesses in Melbourne, Manila, San Francisco, London, San Antonio, and Amsterdam looking to target new customers while retaining the attention and engagement with recurring ones. We’re firm believers that SMS marketing is an effective and easy to use message marketing service for anyone. Not sure if it’s for you? Not sure what SMS marketing even is? Let us guide you through the journey of mass text messaging and how it can start benefiting your business today.

Bulk sms platform on mobile

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for short message service. In other words, a text message, and we all know what that is! Text message marketing is a way to send promotional campaigns, product updates, business updates, or other important notifications as a texting message to those who have signed up to receive those types of notifications from you. You’ve probably been sent one of these texting messages before yourself where you’re given the opportunity (as an example) to reply “1” to continue receiving messages or “9” to cancel/unsubscribe. It’s also popularly used by restaurants to remind those who have made reservations that their reservation date and time is soon approaching or if any changes have been made. But text message marketing is more than just sending out a mass text to various phone numbers. They’re unique. The text messages can be completely customized per customer and reach your intended target audience in a matter of seconds.

The Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Pretty interesting so far, right? But wait. There are still many more benefits to opting into a text message marketing campaign and here are five reasons why:

Higher Opening Rate

Have you previously paid for an email marketing campaign only to be let down by the results?

Text messaging promotions have a higher opening rate than emails. In fact, SMS text messages can have an opening rate of up to 98% and customers are much more likely to opt in to SMS options than email since it’s far more convenient and easier to respond. This is probably why 90% of all SMS messages are read within three minutes of receiving it. If you ask us, those are pretty impressive text marketing statistics!

Increased Customer Engagement

Whether they’re new or recurring customers, they like being kept up to date with important changes within the company as well as big promotions. They also appreciate the personalization factor that comes with the text messages as you can include their name and even offer them special discounts or free products on their birthday! Not only will this make them engage with you more, but their trust and loyalty for you and your brand will drastically increase too. Tip: Make sure to finish off the text with a personalized thank you message!

Clear & Concise

You may think that when you use emails, it’s important to add as much information as possible, but this isn’t actually the case. The more text there is, the more likely you are to lose your customers’ interest. With a text message, you’re limited to the amount of text available, so it pretty much forces you to be as clear and concise as possible, which is a good thing! It’s important to let them know exactly what’s being offered so they’re interested right away.

Easily Track & Monitor Text Success

After sending the text messages, it’s easy to keep track of all your messaging activities with the outbound messaging page. You can view your history, statistical reports and identify customer opening rates and who is most likely to respond. This will also help create more of a target audience too since you’ll be able to gather information on demographics, gender, preferences, purchasing habits, etc. Learning more about your customers will only create more of a trusting relationship between you.

Fast & Efficient

One thing our clients love most about text message marketing is the fact that it’s quick. You can send your message to the right people at the right time in a matter of seconds and, as mentioned above, they’re likely to read it within three minutes of receiving it. Just press that send button and that’s pretty much it.

What Is A Short Code?

When you sign up for a text message marketing campaign, you’ll hear the words “short code” thrown around a lot. While it can seem confusing at first, we’re here to ensure you understand every single aspect of our SMS text marketing services, including how you allow your customers to opt-in to receive promotional text messaging in the first place.

A short code is a five or six-digit phone number that is used by businesses to even run their text marketing campaign in the first place. In other words, you’re not using your business’s personal phone number. When your text is received by your customers, they’ll be given an opt-in or opt-out option to send back to that five or six-digit number, like respond “Y” for Yes or “N” for No, for example. Once that customer has opted-in, you’re now able to send them promotions, discounts, important company or product information, and more.

Bulk sms platform on mobile

What Is The Best Text Marketing Software?

Here at New Media Services, customer service satisfaction is always our number one priority, therefore, we ensure we use only the best text marketing software services available, like Bulk SMS. Thanks to this marketing software, clients can get easy access to their own five-digit code, have the ability to send text messaging promotions through their mobile app, integrate SMS with multiple platforms, manage communications from your desktop, and more. It’s very easy to use and better yet, allows you to drastically improve your customer engagement and build your brand just in the palm of your hands.

Who We Are

We’re a marketing company that provides a high level of customer service satisfaction to every client seeking our help. We offer a wide array of marketing services that are completely tailored to suit our clients’ specific wants and needs. We use the most efficient marketing tactics available so you can reach your business goals. One of the ways this is accomplished is with our SMS service. Text marketing services are very cost-effective and work quickly and accurately to bring you the results you desire. We live in a world where text message, texting, instant messaging, “txting”, or whatever you wanna call it, has taken over. It’s extremely convenient for people wanting to stay in touch with one another and with companies they thoroughly enjoy. So why not take advantage of that with text marketing services? We use Bulk SMS services to make it possible for small to mid-sized business owners. Are you ready to see how text marketing can benefit you? We know we are.