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Last updated on April 8, 2021

5 Benefits of Using 2-Way Bulk SMS in Business Marketing

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The use of SMS as one of the marketing platforms of a business has been growing more popular. Customers largely prefer to use text messaging as their mode of communication with a business. With mobile phones being the most convenient gadget and 62.9% of the world’s population having access to SMS, it is not a question why they do. But what can it do for your business?
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What is 2 Way Bulk SMS

To put it simply, with 2 Way Bulk SMS you are able to send and receive messages to and from hundreds of people at once through a web-based platform that uses API. Your customers are able to reach you by sending simple keywords via a short code or long code. You then respond to these messages through your computer or phone application that uses the system.
In terms of using this as one of the business’ marketing platforms, the capability of communicating to clients or potential customers in bulk, is quite an efficient way of reaching your target market/audience. The added convenience of receiving replies directly (and instantly) from your recipients, increases the possibility of quick sales, repeat business or conversion.
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Why Should You Use 2 Way Bulk SMS

2 Way Bulk SMS provides a quick solution to customer concerns. With just a keyword, you are able to know what they need and can promptly give a response. But that isn’t the benefit you get for using the system. The process provides so much more.

1. 97% Read Rate

Text messages have a higher read rate than other modes of communication such as emails. With a ninety-seven percent read rate in the first four minutes of receipt it is obviously better compared to the twenty percent read rate of emails in a forty-eight hour time frame. Your message is immediately read and can easily be responded to. A proven forty-five percent response rate for SMS ensures you that you’re not wasting your hard earned cash on the system.

2. Low Cost, High ROI

Compared to other types of marketing, SMS campaigns have lower fees regarding setup and running costs. Return of investment is also higher as you are dealing with people who are already your customers or have willingly provided their number to receive your marketing messages. They are more likely to acquire your services or buy your products again when they receive messages about promos, sales, or new products.

3. User-friendly Interface

There are many companies that provide 2 Way Bulk SMS applications that allow you to read, reply, and even monitor the messages you send and receive. It may also be provided for both web and smartphone. You are able to access these without hassle. Simple, quick, and easy.

4. High Customer Interaction

As mentioned earlier, the read rate of text messages are incredibly high and, therefore, your customers are easily able to see what you have in store for them. Not only that, they won’t need to spend on data or dragging minutes on calls if they’re interested. They can just reply with the keyword you provided in the message and they can get more information immediately.In addition to that, you can customize your messages based on location or demographic or even on the customer’s previous buying behavior. It is easier to resell to an existing customer than to gain new ones, so, strengthening the loyalty by targeting them directly and giving a personal touch to your marketing would enable better chances of conversion.

5. Quick and Flexible

Despite the ever-changing trends, SMS is something that has been pretty constant and flexible. It’s a simple and immediate exchange of messages. By using 2 Way Bulk SMS, you can send a message to a hundred customers within minutes.With new ways of marketing your business popping up every year, you need to keep up with the times but that isn’t always easy. SMS, however, is definitely something that is here to stay and has been proven effective.

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