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Adult Dating Site

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Adult Dating Site
A virtual dating platform that offers subscription-based features.

The client encountered several issues involving the terms of their chargebacks along with account disputes raised by some of their customers. The client likewise needed help clearing their reputation, building stronger trust with their customers, and enhancing their support services. This was after suspicions of hidden charges on their services, along with a dramatic increase in refund requests and cancelation of subscriptions reached their good office.


The company maximized NMS’ Live Chat Customer Service to provide the client with a seamless refund and cancelation process. Additionally, it paved the way for improving the system used by the client to deliver end-users 24/7 support service for all types of queries and concerns involving the use of their platform.

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After a month of using NMS’ Live Chat Customer Service, the number of clients that filed or requested for the cancelation of their subscriptions, refund of payments, and chargeback complaints has significantly diminished.

Previous client disputes were also resolved, thereby contributing to the re-established trust between the client and their customers. In the end, a hassle-free virtual dating environment for their end-users was successfully attained.

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