Customer Service Personalization Techniques and Its Benefits
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Last updated on November 29, 2017

Customer Service Personalization Techniques and Its Benefits

Customer Support Services Agent shaking hands to a happy customer

The key to retaining customers and maintaining your company’s financial success is through having great customer support service. But there’s more to consider your customer service than having cheery agents.
Offering personalized customer service should be the main target of businesses because people don’t just want it, they expect it. In this case, businesses can take personalization as their edge.
Understanding the value of personalized service is essential and having a way to offer it to your customers would be a great benefit to your company.
Here are some tactics you can use to go beyond the typical customer service experience. 

  1. Greet your Customers by Name

    It’s quite simple to know your loyal and frequent customers’ names, although the approach is simple, the gesture gives an impact when it comes to building trust and great relationships.
    That is why companies like Starbucks put so much importance into greeting their customers by name, especially to their regular customers.
    Studies have shown that brain activation happens when an individual is called by their own name. Hence, having such experience is more memorable which would also make customers feel valued.
    Given that 68 % of customers will stop purchasing from some brands if they feel unsatisfied.

  1. Show Appreciation through Giving Rewards

    Loyal customers always exist in most businesses, make sure that you recognize the customers that consistently purchase your products or do continued business with you.
    For instance, you can give customers discount coupons or some other freebies for being a loyal customer for a year, or like some coffee shops do, they offer a free cup of coffee to simply say thank you.
    Remember that being thoughtful and appreciating customers’loyalty towards your business goes a long way especially on retaining them.

  1. Enrich Customers Knowledge

    As a service provider, you should also be creative in coming up with a program that is suitable to your customers’ needs, offer some workshops, classes and webinars to add value to your customers’ lives and for them to be able to learn new skills.
    Create a how-to blog that they can read or you can also come up with a video that contains information that is useful to your audiences. Make sure that the material you bring to your customers can be accessed easily.

  1. Have a Customer Loyalty Program

    Implementing a loyalty program is as simple as offering customers free dessert on the house or giving out discount coupons. By having a good loyalty program, consumers will most likely continue doing business with you and would also recommend your brand to people close to them.
    Digital loyalty programs will help your business do more than just giving rewards. This is a great way to gather data about your customers’ behaviors which will help you market to consumers in a more personalized approach. For instance, you can innovate a new product based on customers’ preference.

  1. Offer Multiple Support Channels

    You’ll get to serve your customers more by offering multiple channels. Some customers want to be assisted through a live person on the phone, another would prefer getting help through live chat, and others would rather send an email.
    Providing multiple help desks for accessing customer service will make your customers feel valued for allowing them to choose the method of service they prefer.

  1. Add Human Touch

    Customers hate it when they feel like they are talking to an agent who is just reciting some answers to their questions and relaying a script all throughout the conversation.
    This kind of scenario makes the customer feel like the person they are talking to is not really listening in what they are saying.
    While customer representatives are working on a customer’s issue, they can start with something simple like asking how the weather is or what are their plans during the weekends, in this case the customers’ experience can be humanized. Being patient to customers can also help to add up human touch.

Implementing a personalized customer support service is a great way to make your business stand out.
This kind of approach can never be outdated; it is the biggest drive keep customers interested in your products and services, your business also gets to show customers that you care and it also sets your business apart from others.
The techniques mentioned above can help you offer a kind of service that customers will appreciate and respond to.