NMSC on a Sign Language Workshop Streak
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Last updated on October 23, 2014

NMSC on a Sign Language Workshop Streak

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Staying true to its mission, NMSC just concluded day one of its free sign language workshops last October 22 for Helping Hands, Healing Hearts Ministries Children’s Recovery Unit in Baguio City.
After a successfully finishing a 3-month Basic Sign Language Workshop with parents from the Baguio SPED Center Hearing Impaired Sequence, NMS CARES forges on its mission to encourage the active involvement of the community through skill-based classes that will benefit social workers, health workers, service providers, and advocates who are often faced with the dilemma of not being able to communicate effectively with Deaf individuals they work with or service for. It is with this in mind that NMSC has opened its sign language classes not only to parents and immediate family members of young Deaf individuals, but in essence to anyone who find that there is a need for them to learn how to communicate with the Deaf members of the community.

Helping Hands, Healing Hearts Ministries cares for the sick and dying children and their families by providing the children’s physical needs. They are both hospital and community based and provide medications, surgeries, help for medical work ups and a place for children to come and recover in.*

Baguio-based Recovery Unit Director Marissa Dela Peña believes that it is crucial for them to learn how to communicate properly with their patients, who are Deaf, which eliminates frustrations and possible miscommunications especially with younger Deaf patients.
The Basic Sign Language Workshop is currently being conducted by NMSC Trainer Ian Lester Kingat, and will run for 3 months.


About NMS Cares
NMS CARES, INC. is a Philippine SEC-registered non-stock, non-profit association with a vision for Deaf children to reach their dreams. The organization fully commits to advocating for the Deaf children of the community while looking forward to expanding its service all throughout the less privileged young Deaf individuals in the Asia Pacific.
To know more about NMS CARES, please visit http://nms-cares.org or email us at [email protected]