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Last updated on June 9, 2014

The NMS Cares Participates in SPED Center’s BrigadaSkwela 2014

June 9, 2014 (Victoria, Australia) — In its continuing effort to improve the quality of education at SPED Center Baguio’s Hearing Impaired Sequence, NMS CARES joined the BrigadaSkwela activities in preparation for school year 2014-2015.
Aside from helping the HI Department with its clean up drive, NMSC staff pushed to have additional computers installed, along with the software upgrade of current units. Brand new whiteboards and ceiling fans have also been installed and lighting has been improved in all 3 classrooms, along with the general re-wiring done to ensure the overall safety of the facility.
All of these were promptly completed right before classes officially started on June 2, where NMSC staff joined the ranks of the HI Sequence teaching staff in welcoming the kids for another year full of learning and fun-filled activities.
NMSC’s efforts to join the BrigadaSkwela activities is part of its commitment to ensure that the HI Sequence of the center is equipped with the right facilities to enhance the learning experience of each Deaf student.
About NMS Cares
NMS CARES’ vision is for Deaf children to reach their dreams. The organization fully commits to advocating for the Deaf children of the community while looking forward to expanding its writing service all throughout the less privileged young Deaf individuals in the Asia Pacific.
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