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Last updated on May 21, 2014

New Media Services Employees Donate Blood to Philippine Red Cross, Commit Regular Blood Donation Drive

BAGUIO CITY, PHILIPPINES- May 21, 2014- New Media Services employees, the force behind LOOP and other premium end user support solutions, once again help Philippine Red Cross (PRC) in giving hope to our ill brothers and sister.
Today, employees stand in line to donate blood with the assistance of PRC representatives who set up a make-shift blood donation site at the Australian company’s Philippine office within Baguio City Economic Zone.
According to Ms. Jennifer Francisco, Employee Engagement and Retention Specialist at New Media Services, this is the second donation drive their employees have hosted this year.
Ms. Francisco wrote in a statement:
 “We engage employees to be active members of the community. We help them remember their obligations not just to the company but also to the community. We provide them a venue to do great things by linking them up to institutions like Red Cross and many more.”
Moreover, the manager revealed that their company has already committed to host regular blood donation drives to show continuous support to the organization.
The next donation drive will be after three months when employees are qualified to donate blood again.
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