New Media Services to Launch Refund Management System Version 3
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Last updated on August 22, 2012

New Media Services to Launch Refund Management System Version 3

VICTORIA AUSTRALIA, AUGUST 22, 2012- Australian-based company New Media Services will launch an upgraded version of its Refund Management System in mid-August this year.
The Refund Management System Version 3 will feature new functions including SMS client notification, mobile phone website accessibility and e- payment processing.
According to Aimee Lynne Domantay, NMS Refund Specialist, the current version of the system offers email notification and processes checks only.
“The upcoming Version 3 will allow us to process credit card, debit card and Paypal money transfers,” specified Domantay.
She also revealed that the current version, which was introduced last month, enabled door-to-door delivery.
“Even with this third version, our reporting scheme will still depend on the client, said the specialist. If our client wants weekly reporting, we will do that.”
Meanwhile, NMS backs its refund management system with email and voice support contact services. According to Ian Jason De La Cruz, NMS Sales Manager, RMS and the NMS Contact Center are designed for mobile-related businesses worldwide.
“Our goal is to create business solutions that mobile companies need,” expressed Bautista.
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