LOOP Now Tracks Keyword Performance
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Last updated on January 19, 2012

LOOP Now Tracks Keyword Performance

LOOP Creator New Media Services Names the Latest Adds-on “Circulations per Keyword”
Victoria, Australia, January 19, 2012- Businesses using the Live Operator Online Platform (LOOP) can now easily track the performance of their advertising campaigns with the platform’s new reporting feature.
The new feature, developed by IT experts at New Media Services, delivers statistical reports on the number of received messages affiliated to a certain keyword in a range of time.
In an interview with Merlene Leano, NMS Product Development Manager, the executive revealed that the new adds-on is called “circulations per keyword”.
“This report will benefit clients who are intensely monitoring their advertising campaigns, said Leano. This will give them an idea how many messages they’ve earned using a keyword.”
Leano also signified that the newest integration is a product of their ongoing move to gather client requests. She noted that one client made the request for the “circulations per keyword” feature then the company decided to make it available to everyone.
Currently, LOOP delivers daily reports regarding the number of unique subscribers, subscribers per area, lifetime subscribers and other relevant data. One of the latest client requests that were granted concerns including the carrier network of a every subscriber in reports.
“We love hearing from our clients and developing apps for their specific needs”, expressed the officer.
LOOP is the official platform offer of NMS Chat Service Plus that serves SMS, WAP and IM features. For more information about Chat Services Plus, visit www.smschatservices.com. Leano can also be reached at [email protected]