Sounds sexist but studies show that social media is being utilized more by women.


Women Versus Men

According to a research commissioned by mobile VoIP company Rebtel, women are more likely to use online social networks like Facebook and Twitter than men.

“Our findings show that men tend to lag behind women when it comes to communicating with others through social media, which debunks other recent studies that suggest that men are more savvy networkers between the sexes.” Rebtel’s CEO Andreas Bernstrom said in a statement.

The study specifies that 68% of women and 54% of men use social media to stay in touch with their family, and 34% of women and 22% of men use social media to stay in touch with their co-workers.

More than two thousand respondents from the US participated for the survey.

Meanwhile, Harvard Business Review 2009 finds that women make up 55% of the Twitter population that sends on billion tweets per week (Twitter 2011). This is backed by camScore 2010 claiming that women of every age are spending increasingly more and more time than men on social media sites.

Furthermore, a report from states that “women have 55% more wall posts than their male counterparts (Hubspot blog)”. It is also posited that 69 percent of all Facebook gamers are women.

However, a Linkedin study asking “Who are the savviest networkers?” discovers that men are the “saviest networkers”. It is noted that the study did not take into account other social networking sites or non-work related connections.

Men and Women React

Scoot Nicholson, Linkedin blogger, is surprised with the result of the LinkedIn study.

“Wait, what?” Nicholson expressed in his blog. According to him, the real insight starts to surface when “you start slicing and dicing by industry and company”.

Lady Geek founder Belinda Parmar wrote on that women are moving towards social media in their droves. She held that social media give women a voice.

“A voice that many struggled to get heard before the Internet, a place to meet other women like them” described Parmar.

A comment on points that men in general communicate less. Other comments express no surprise over the result of the Rebtel survey. One even mentions about “Run this World”, a girl-power song from Beyonce Knowles. Some comments make fun of the Rebtel survey saying women dominate at cleaning too.


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