Online music store Napster, online addressing book Plaxo, music streaming provider Spotify and leading social networking site Facebook are just part of his history. The next for Sean Parker is a blog site.

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The American internet technology businessman and entrepreneur verified his next move of launching a blog to Ryan Tate of

“I’m getting ready to launch a blog so that-like you guys at Gawker-I can stand on my soapbox and waste everyone’s time with my useless thoughts”. Parker wrote to Tate.

“In preparation for this, I hired a firm to manage my fan page (and profile) which had recently been generating a lot of traffic”. revealed Parker.

According to the former president of Facebook, the blog will be more of a monthly essay with daily commentary. He added the blog will be backed by “very smart young writers” who will be doing follow-up on the long form pieces that he will write.

Meanwhile, reviews buzz that the content of the upcoming blog seems to be identical with that of TechCrunch, a leading technology blog site.

“We won’t know how closely Parker’s blog will borrow from the TechCrunch model like until we see it, but we do know he’s not planning on doing much gossiping”. states Adam Clerk Estes on

According to the Estes, Parker and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington have arrived at blogging from different angles. As of press time, TechCrunch has not published any blog or any comment regarding this issue.

“We imagined something along the lines of venture capitalist Fred Wilson’s excellent “AVC,” which offers a short essay on technology and business each morning,” writes Tate on

Currently, Parker has neither announced the title of his upcoming blog site  nor the date of its launching.

“But it’s clear the famed tech hustler is serious about the endeavor, Tate marks. He’s hired a firm to build buzz, and is already running ads and planning to hire writers.”

Tate also revealed that Parker has been paying for Facebook advertisement to attract people to his Facebook fan page.

Parker currently sits as member of the Board of Directors for Spotify. Last April, he was engaged to New-York based singer-song writer Alexandra Lenas. He was also reported by Forbes to have a net worth of $2.1 B as of September 2011.

It was notable that the 1979-born American businessman dismissed Justin Timberlake’s portrayal of him in the movie “The Social Network” in which the actor gained an Oscar nomination. Parker described his portrayal as “fiction”.