PostMaster Tracks All Damaging Posts Online for a Secured Brand Reputation

Victoria, Australia, November 21, 2011- Social networking sites provide an avenue for internet users to destroy a brand’s reputation. Good thing that New Media Services, a leader in web and mobile solutions, developed an innovation called “PostMaster” that tracks all damaging online posts before these could do further harm to a brand.

PostMaster is an invisible watchdog, created by IT experts in NMS as another marvelous business solution. It crawls over social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace to track all posts related to a specific brand.

The watchdog also dynamically includes tracking posts on blogging and business sites where internet users can freely upload damaging articles, pictures and comments about a brand. PostMaster will define the channel of each post for a comprehensive reporting.

Since it uses the latest technology, PostMaster has the capability to correct each post. Damaging posts can be deleted, in just clicks without involving the sources of the posts.

Thus, Postmaster offers an end to damaging entries on blogging, business and social networking sites. It does not just help a brand build prestige but also aids in controlling public image during crises.

Moreover, the New Media Services watchdog also monitors a brand’s online marketing methods to totally secure its online reputation. PostMaster best works for website administrators, online moderators, business owners, website owners and internet users.

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