Victoria, Australia, March 6, 2012, – New Media Services, the leader in providing business solutions to the mobile industry, opens March with a new customer support service website and service upgrade features.

The website, which went live on March 1, comprehensively assists clients in availing of the support services that NMS offers. The offers include voice support, refund management, email support and escalation management.

The site also contains downloadable brochures, support articles, FAQ’s, news releases, inquiry form.

In an interview with Sandie Lady Abuan, the NMS Operations Manager for Customer Support Services shared that the services are facing a substantial upgrade, through new programs designed at enhancing customer handling skills of live operators.

Abuan said that the live operators have monthly communication workshops, regular self-assessment and product knowledge refresher to maintain the quality of the handled services.

For more information about the customer support offerings of NMS catered at mobile-content enterprises, please email NMS at info(at)

New Media Services, an Australian-based company, specializes in offering web and mobile support including dating site conversion, viral advertising, and online moderation services.