The world is full of heroes who don’t give attention and remains in the undergrowth of society. They take form into prominent figures secretly doing philanthropic pursuits or into ordinary people whose acts of kindness reminds us that you don’t have to be rich to help and inspire others. The cyber world is also filled with these unsung heroes who keep the internet a beautiful place. They are named as the Moderators.

Moderators are very similar to people known as mediators or jury and they are not totally new in this world. Moderation was actually used in the ancient times when knights and battles you used to see in epic movies were ordinary scenes, and it is merely a modern term for the process in handling the oldest problems already present even before the computer was invented.

Generally, that is the process of sorting the materials from good to bad and then eliminating those of bad nature to be seen, consumed and applied by people. This ensures the peace among the people.

Another simple metaphor for moderation is the segregation of wastes. Those wastes which easily rot must be sorted out from the wastes that can still be reused and upcycled. On the other hand, those useless wastes should be buried deep and meant to be forgotten. This works for the orderliness in a community.

Imagine if these materials are not sorted and moderated, the world is a huge bowl of unpleasant hodgepodge. The internet sphere is a big heap of message, and no one, not even the internet-savvy teens, would like to share their photos, feelings and anything sooner.

The materials as the subjects for moderation are known as the web content and so anything you get to see as you scroll on a page is a task to finish with by the moderators.

How moderators do these tasks is crucial. They are given quality guidelines or trained for particular skills to tell a piece of content is bad to appear on the web. The content that must be swept clean are those that stir anxiety, feat, disgust, anger, hate, and other ugly feelings. Mostly, these are horrible crimes, discrimination, and pornography.

When this kind of web cleanup is understated because it results to a page that is peaceful and ordinary (or somewhat boring), moderators face a negative aftermath from prolonged exposure to these wastes. They are traumatized by the evil they see from them, which may distort their view of the world and their personality towards others. This is certainly the reason why the moderators are indeed unsung heroes.


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