To internet users, Mark Zuckerberg is very IN since he is the brain behind the world’s leading social networking site Facebook. But to faddists, he is so OUT.


Zuckerberg is always seen in casual t-shirt or turtle neck when meeting      the press as the chief executive officer of Facebook. Some pictures show  him in jeans and in slippers-contrary to the set standard on how CEO’s  should appear.

 “Oblivious to the fact that jeans and ties come in skinny sizesor that  suits existthe father of Facebook (and we do mean father) loves to  recycle the freshfromStatsclass look” describes on

 Worse, the billionaire tops the list of Silicon Valley’s worst dressed men.  He is joined by other personalities in the digital word like Steve Jobs, Bill  Gates, Shantanu Narayen, Dennis Crowley and Reid Hoffman.


“Instead of the old banker’s slicked-back hair, gym-toned body, and well-tailored suits, Zuckerberg and his “new banker” ilk wear cargo shorts, hooded sweatshirts, and Adidas slides, sometimes with nubby white tube socks peeking out, other times with naked, ungroomed toes.” states on the looks of Zuckerberg.

The website still tagged the billionaire as a “fashion icon.”

To further ride on with the fashion statement of this famous man, a mock fashion line was formulated. A myth, “Mark by Mark Zuckerberg” fashion line sells terry cloth bath robe, a pair of sandals and other items for “geeky” businessmen’s closet.

“Thankfully (Mark by Mark Zuckerberg) doesn’t sell any actual clothing,” states on the GQ site.

One comment on GQ defends the billionaire saying “Again, why he is laughing at you while he’s banking tons of money, the rest of you are worrying about what everyone else thinks about what you are wearing”.

Moreover, Jacqueline West, costume director for the movie The Social Network made a comment. “The wonderful thing about Mark is he looks like he doesn’t care at all what he wears, but in a funny way he’s created a fashion.” said West. The film portrayed the life of Zuckerberg concentrating on how he founded the social networking site. Jesse Eisenberg, who admitted of not using Facebook, is the lead role in the movie as Zuckerberg.

“The way that Zuckerberg dresses is, to many of us, reminiscent of a college student: hoodies, jeans and t-shirts. His style is no-frills, but this is done for a reason.” concluded on

“If you see Mark walking down the streets of San Francisco or Palo Atlo, he will look like any typical engineer or developer will look: comfortable fleece, jacket, a pair of five-pocket jeans, athletic sneakers and that’s largely it. Has he challenged the aesthetic of a resident of the Silicon Valley? Hardly.” fires on after the billionaire’s fashion statement became the center of attention.