Moderation Services

Smart Moderation for all your website content.

NMS Moderation Services employ Live Operators to review user-generated data, submissions and other types of web content, manage online communities and events to protect your brand, website and users from threats such as scamming, trolling and anything that may harm your brand and reputation.


  • Guidelines are strictly based on client demands, business goals and needs
  • 24/7 monitoring of activities
  • Focus on full web content integrity and reputation protection scheme
  • Real-time updates with customized reporting

Scammer Moderation

Secure both your brand and your end-users from opportunistic posts and content through effective scammer moderation that aims to eliminate or prevent unnecessary data from being published.

Profile Moderation

Identify and moderate suspicious profiles for authenticity and eliminate the potential problems fake profiles bring to your social network.

Image/Video Moderation

Regulate image and video content through smart moderation that works to review both visual and audio for copyright and/or explicit content.

Content And Text Moderation

Content and Text moderation includes user generated text and different forms of submissions to ensure a wholesome environment for the community.