Live Operator Messaging Services

24/7 live operators handling all your mobile and web messaging needs

Powered by our Live Operator Online Platform (LOOP), our messaging services can help you in:

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Promotions and Marketing
  • Any Question Asked (AQA) messaging services
  • Social Network Communications
  • Customer Care services
  • Surveys and Polls
  • Enhancing Customer Experience


Practical Applications for Live Operator Messaging:


Company A launches a product that requires business-to-consumer marketing. Live Operator Messaging Services can assist through bulk message campaigns or through more effective personal interactions via IM and SMS.
Company B plans to enhance its online services by becoming open to customer interactions. Live Operator Messaging Services provides both the manpower and the systems to make that a reality.
Company C has a social network (Forum, Message Boards, Facebook, Google+, etc.) that requires increased customer interactions. Live Operator Messaging Services can assist by engaging the Company’s customers via Email, IM or SMS.
Company D has created a website to be used by consumers. Live Operator Messaging Services can provide IM Support to help consumers with site navigation, finding a product/service within the website or providing useful suggestions to boost user-experience.

SMS Chat

A short message service chat solution for end-user engagement and interactions with real-time response and processing of incoming and outgoing messages by highly trained operators.

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IM Chat

An Instant Messaging service using live operators aimed to boost the accessibility and entertainment value of your web.

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Email Chat

A service that is specifically designed to handle multiple end-users through email correspondence.

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