Customer Support Services

Support services aimed at helping out end-users in a sincere and professional manner.

Fast and Efficient handling of customer service inquiries, ticketing, billing support and refunds payment via voice, email and chat.

Live IM Chat Support

A cloud-based help desk for all your customer care needs.

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Voice Support

Provide the best service for your end-users through our Voice-Over-IP help desk.

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Email Helpdesk

Expand customer care options providing end-user support through email.
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Escalation Management

Prompt handling of advanced customer concerns and supervisor-required calls.

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Customer Support Tickets

A cost-effective way to handle customer service tickets through efficient and consistent end-user support.

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Order Verification

Evaluate accounts to determine high-risk orders through a secured confirmation process.

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Refund Payment Solutions

The all in one Return-Payment Processing Solution.

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