Is your Facebook password part of the conjugal properties that you will share with your partner?

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Passwords can be very controversial among couples and may cause future drifts. To some, it is okay for them to reveal their spouse the password of their online profile. Others are not comfortable to do such.

Whatever reason couples have, one thing is for sure: it is not specified in the marriage contract that couples should change their Facebook status to “married to blabla” or should share their LinkedIn password. Of course, there is a set of things that couples automatically share when they say “I do”. That includes, generally speaking, bank accounts.

Some say this is a matter of trust. They say they trust their spouse so they give everything. Thus, their spouse is entitled to opening their belongings and their online profiles. Some even go to that extent that they fix their spouse’s Farmville. This is because of trust! Well, that is how they view trust.

However, an answer on posits that sharing of password is not an issue of trust. “Passwords and usernames aren’t created to be used by the owner’s other half, asserts the answer. Unless there’s a good reason to do so, it’s not necessary to share passwords between couples”.

Other insist “privacy”. However, it is not definite how “personal” should “personal” things be and how “personal” are passwords.

“Everyone is entitle to a little privacy, and sometimes having a moan with your friend about your partner can ┬áput things in perspective”, states a comment on

It is noted that when you share your password with your spouse, you should be prepared to see your spouse checking if you are doing extra-curricular activities with others online.

No matter what you believe in or how you interpret trust and privacy, sharing passwords to your other half is a potential risk. When your spouse does not understand the context of emails forwarded to you, it can lead to arguments. Moreover, when your spouse accidentally gives away your password to other people, your profile is totally in red light.

In sharing passwords, you have to make sure that you still have the access to the account. Still, you must be the one controlling the account even if your spouse is free to open. If you do not like to share your password with your other half, make sure this won’t spark any fight. In the end of the day, sharing of passwords does not assure true love and a long lasting relationship.