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Who Doesn’t Exist Can Actually Harm You

This is pretty obvious fact that the internet is a storage and display of all kinds of content. You can […]

Facebook to Add M on its Entity

It looks like Facebook is heading a direction towards a tougher competition with the other huge brands. Apple, Microsoft, and […]

YouTube Turns Red and It Changes the Way You Watch Videos

YouTube is for all ages. It is a repository of a wide variety of videos extending from music videos to […]

The Loss of Creativity on Web Design

Web design is an essential factor in obtaining good traffic. The dynamic needs of internet users cause changes to the […]

Support Tickets That Obtain Tangible Facts

When a problem in terms of sales or subscription arises, it puts the company into a moment of chaos. They […]

The Art of Coding

Ever since the internet had attracted billions of people and counting, its popularity caused it to become what could be […]