“To become the absolute best to work, communication and collaboration will be important so we need to be working side-by-side”, wrote Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer in the memo she sent to her subordinates.

Instantly, the new memo cutting the privilege of Yahoo employees to work from home raised a few memorandum. In fact Yahoo is not the only company in the world that allowed its employees to work at home. Among the benefits that could be enjoyed with this unconventional setup include:

First, the company saves money. Employees use their own equipment and resources at home so the company does not need to purchase and maintain the needed production equipment. Second, employee expenses are trimmed down. Employees do not need to telecommute or travel to get all their tasks done at the company office. Third, employees spend more time with their family. They can sit beside their loved ones while doing their job. This uplifts the emotional aspect of employees.


When a company goes “home-based”, managers who are more likely to still report in the office, may experience a much different work environment. they may pass by idle parking lot spaces. They have limited people to talk to in the office. Among the challenges that managers face when dealing with employees working from home are:

First, regular monitoring to know if the employees are really doing their tasks at home. Second, update every involved employee regarding changes in a campaign or project. Third, conduct personal video conference to talk to a subordinate regarding special concerns.

As long as employees are trustworthy and loyal, the work from home setup can be as good as the traditional system. Once a company decides to adapt it, it does not mean that employees do not visit the office. Companies still require their work force to have periodic appearances in the office, especially during company events.

In the case of Yahoo, everyone is wondering if the work from home setup is to be blamed for the declining performance of the company-and if the memo can help revive the glory days of the tech giant. If Yahoo performs better in the coming days, it would complement Mayer’s order of seeing Yahoo employees working side-by-side.