After receiving a new Iphone for Christmas, you may be confused what to do with your old Iphone. Since your old Iphone is still 100% working, you can either donate it or sell it.

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“Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a growing concern for a number of reasons”, writes Nina Rastogi on Day by day, gadgets become obsolete causing some, like typewriters, to be displayed in the corner of the house collecting dust.

For gadgets that are still good and can be used, selling is a good option. There are thrift stores that accept gadgets that were used in weeks only. One good choice when selling used gadgets is to sell online. You can post a picture of the gadget with relevant information and wait for interested buyers. Or, you can visit online stores that assess the gadget’s worth and pay you. The store will be the one to market the gadget. Other stores give away payments only when the gadget is sold.

Still for gadgets that are usable, you can have this heart warming move: donate. Orphanages accept computer PC’s and other gadgets that can benefit the kids there. Moreover, there are online donation programs that take collect gadget donations and ship them to institutions that need them.

Among the gadgets that can still be sold for second-use are blue-ray players, calculators, camcorders, cellular phones, desktops, gaming consoles, laptops, MP3 players and projectors. You may visit repair shops to get an advice whether the gadget is usable or not. For some instances where some parts of the gadgets are usable while other parts are totally wastes, repair shops are willing to take or buy the usable parts.

For “dead” gadgets that usually end up in the garage, disposing them is necessary. For Nokia consumers, totally non-functioning Nokia gadgets can be brought back to Nokia stores for recycling purposes. Nokia has also installed boxes at public areas like malls where you can drop in old batteries, phones and other accessories.

Other companies have another strategy. Before buying a new gadget in their store, you are advised to surrender your old gadget (if not being used anymore). Some gives discount if the surrendered gadget can be recycled.

Before you get rid of old gadgets, you have to make sure that the gadgets are “totally disposable”. Sometimes your brother needs one pat of the gadget or you may need the gadget in the future. Second is to make sure that no personal information is stored in the gadget files, especially information about your bank accounts. Deleting messages in a cellular phone before selling it is encouraged. This is to avoid encounters with hackers and robbers.

For mercury-containing gadgets, putting then on ordinary waste bins is not a good choice. Call institutions that pick up this kind of wastes. You may also contact Earth911 to avoid hazards. One consideration is deciding whether to replace an out-dated gadget or not is the fact that old times release chemicals as they age. Thus, its always advisable to replace old items.

Now, whether the disposal of your old Iphone benefits you financially or not, the social and environmental concerns addressed when disposing it means a lot.