Like the postal mail considered dead, emails are said to be suffering the same fate now. It is because the nature of an email is created from a letter written through paper and pen, and so you have to spend some time to compose the appropriate message, polish off the errors and finally write it. Although emails cut down the time they will arrive at the receivers, the mere fact that it is a digital version of the old-fashioned way to reach out to people, which still consumes time to create, as deemed by people affects its convenience to the business world.


The business world, along with the technology growing and developing endlessly, is not fast-paced and much busier. Employees are even inclined to multi-tasking that all they need must be organized and must be able to cope up with their timelines. This is the reason emails are falling out of its glory days, or what it seems to happen to them.

What kills the emails is the rise of short messaging system such as texting. Facebook, and other social network. They make their way to being more preferred by teens who are the heaviest consumers of the internet because they are more direct, convenient and efficient. Creating emails now serves only as a part of signing up to websites. It is not chiefly used to connect with people, except for old folks perhaps. Users don’t usually check their inbox, leaving it totally inactive with unread messages.

If no one reads an email, why would businesses employ it as part of their process?

But you are missing the point if you agree. True, emails are on the decline based on the consumption of the heaviest consumers, but businesses are not made up of circles of teens. As teens would fill up their walls with things that are least important, short messaging system work well for them. On the other hand, it is inherent to professionals to use something that is more formal, filtered and permanent. Emails can be stored, revisited and reviewed.

Why do you think email spam is being deliberately fought? Remember, email spam fell down to 10-year low through the efforts of several institutions.

It is because emails are still simply effective. Fraudulent marketers know that business-minded people rely on emails for communicating with businesses, colleagues, even the entire company team. Emails prove to be helpful in increasing the awareness of services or products, and even the status of the sales.

The use of emails is not meant for everyone, and likewise, a particular business doesn’t serve everyone. They focus on a target audience suitable for their products or services. In short, one thing is certain: emails fit in the business.

Like the postal mail considered dead, emails still exist. The consumption may be reduced, but the death is only an urban legend.


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