In order to shed light on the latest developments in web design, especially to people left out in the dark, we are presenting you with some of the apparent changes that you may witness in different websites. In turn, we hope that they can be useful for new and existing web designers around the world and guide you to success in the world of web design.

One of the most popular principles this 2015 is the use of Cinematic/Book Cover homepage. This is done to captivate the reader right off the bat. Using this method is visual and at the same time pragmatic which means impressive layout is shown while it serves its intended function. Like for example, the same layout appears the same despite the site of display on the device (e.g. mobile, tablet, laptop).

Creating increasingly multimedia experiences for users is a common way to let them enjoy their visit to your website. With the use of visual effects, you are inviting the user to explore every page in the website. Unlike before, interface can be build with HTML Canvas rather than flash therefore, opening more ideas like animation and improving presentation.

Sometimes, it is more practical to eliminate some elements in your page design to keep it short and simple. Minimalism is a method is a method where you focus more on the functionalities while not overdoing the layout instead. It also means removing unnecessary contents that may just get in the way of browsing. A good example of this is lengthy videos that beat around the bush where you will have to wait for centuries to finish before you are able to view the actual content that you are waiting for.

Fitting of numerous information and functionality onto a single page has always been the nature of desktop applications. However, it was not a popular practice in the mainstream internet since it was rather dull before. But, these styles seem to emerge during this time due to its simplicity and practicality but are not more refined and functional to fit the needs and demands of the consumers.

As well as may know, almost all websites include their location in their “contact us/find us” page wherein they integrate their website with the Google Map application. Not only does it make it easier for your costumer and clients to locate you, but also is an edge in putting your website at the top of the search engine list. It’s something that you may want to consider when designing a website. Aside from Google Maps, you may want to integrate Chat, Email or SMS applications to improve your customer/client services as well as provide access to the public to learn about your products and services.

So what does web design do actually? In terms of purpose, it is aimed to push the limits of human interaction while considering the full spectrum of the possibilities that internet offers. In short, it’s the use of imagination, innovation and new opportunities to showcase your talent, your products and services, and the promotion of the website itself therefore, putting your finished product under the label of being a “modern website”.


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