Victoria, Australia, Dec. 7, 2011-New Media Services, an Australia-based IT development company, has finally loaded its web to mobile app service MoBiGo with 15 ready apps.

The company listed the apps on One of the featured apps is “Baby Predictor”.

“Baby Predictor” lets a user to pick a woman celebrity and match with a guy celebrity to see how their baby would look like. The app also allows the user to upload own photos for matching.

Another app called “Will I Be a Celebrity” tests the celebrity potential of a user. Completing the list of apps are “The Matchmaker”, “Future Reader”, “Excuse Test”, “Flirt Quiz”, “IQ Quiz”, “IQ Test”, “Cheater Meter”, “The Eyes Have It”, “The Fame Quiz”, “Know Yourself”, “Surviving High School”, “Palm Reader” and “Haunted”.

According to Merlene Leano, NMS Marketing and Product Development Manager, what makes the web to mobile app service special are two service features.

“First, we provide our clients a back-end platform, stated Leano. Second, we have an in-house IT department for the regular content updating and maintenance”.

Martin Eyking, NMS CEO, also added that the apps are open for modification. Eyking said they listen to clients’ requests and concepts for integration on the ready apps.

“We can change the name of the app and customize its appearance if the client says so,” informed Eyking.

For more information about MobiGo, email Ian Jason De La Cruz, NMS Sales Manager at or visit